About Me

Paivi Arvonen is a Finnish journalist, photographer, and consultant working around the world. She was based in Cairo from 2004 to 2016 and is still working also in Egypt and in Arab Countires

Her photo exhibition project was part of the programme for the centenary of Finnish independence in 2017.


paivi-arvonen At the moment I mostly work for Finnish print and webmedia. I also work as a cultural communication consultant and coach for individuals and families moving to Arab culture countries.

Positions of responsibility:

Finnish NGO Kulttuurikameleontit ry; Founding member and chairwoman 2003-2015, from April 2015 Honorary chairwoman
Finns in Egypt SEFE, chairwoman 2005 – 2016
Cairo Foreign Press -Association, board member since 2008, deputy president since 2010

Photo-exhibitions in Finland and in Egypt:
Everyday life, feasts and festivals in Egypt Photo Exhibition:
Kulttuurikeskus Caisa November 2009
Kuusamo Nature Photo 2010 (main exhibition) September 2010
Islam Expo 2 main exhibition March2011
Momentti (Etelä-Karjalan monikulttuurinen palvelukeskus) Lappeenranta August-September 2011
Kirkkonummi Library September 2012
Ylöjärvi Library November 2012
Wanha Satama Helsinki (Women’s Christmas Fair Gallery
Valkeala Library January-February 2013
Veikkola library March 2013
Nuorten Taide- ja toimintatalo Vimma, Turku, May 2013
Meriluontokeskus, Kalajoki, August-September 2013
Onnistus, Helsinki, January 2014
Nurmon kirjasto, Seinäjoki, April-May 2014
Hanko City Hall Gallery, July 2014
Kauppakeskus Plaza, Salo, September 2014
Matka 2015 Travel Fair, Egypt stand, Helsinki, January 2015.

Egyptian Western Desert, Kuusamo January 2017 and Bronda June 2017
India-exhibition in Laterna Magica October 2017

India-exbition at Pellavakeskus, Somero, June-July 2018, in Salo Marc 2019 and in Helsinki March-August 2019

Private Exhibitions in Cairo:
Finland and Egypt, Prince Taz Palace, Cairo, 2006
Egypt through Finnish Eyes, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center, Cairo, 2007
Finland in my Heart, Cairo Arab Music Institute, March 2015, in co-operation with Cairo Opera House and Savonlinna Music Academy 8th Finnish Egyptian Musical Bridge
Photo Exhibition, Cairo Arab Music Institute, March 2016, in co-operation with Cairo Opera House and Savonlinna Music Academy 9th Finnish Egyptian Musical Bridge
Stories form the Past, Ancient Rock Art in Finland and in Egypt, Cairo Opera House, in co-operation 10th Finnish Egyptian Musical Bridge by Savonlinna Music Academy, March 2017
Soul of the Forest, Cairo Opera House, in co-operation with Finnish Egyptian musicla bridge, March 2019

Soul of the Forest, Finnish Embassy in Bangkok, March-August 2017

Soul of the Forest, Finnish Embassy in Canberra, Australia, 28.11.2017-31.1.2018

Soul of the Forest exhibitions:
Atrium City Hall, Hague, Netherlands 24.4.-9.5.2018
Cairo Opera House, Egypt, March 2019

Joint Exhibitions in Cairo:
Cairo Foreign Press Association Professional Photographer’s Exhibition ”The Sultanate of Oman”, Cairo 2005
Egyptian Photojournalists Society, Pressphoto of the year 2009, Cairo
Egyptian Photojournalists Society, Revolution 2011, Cairo
Cairo Art Guild, ”Revolution”, Cairo 2011
Cairo Art Guild Exhibition, Cairo Opera Musical Library, March 2013
Cairo Art Guild Exhibition, Cairo Opera Hanager -gallery, May 2014
Cairo Art Guild Exhibition, Egyptian Center for Intenational Cultural Cooperation, Cairo, March 2015
Cairo Art Guild Exhibition, Hanager Hall, Cairo Opera House, November 2015
Cairo Art Guild Exhibition, Cairo Opera House Galleries, April 2016
Commercial exhibitions in Art Galleries in Cairo:
And Company, Zamalek, Cairo, 2007-2010
Arthropologie, Zamalek, Cairo, 2011